And the Right to Repair MOU Buzz Goes On

It’s been a couple of weeks since we signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Right to Repair with the car companies and I’m pleasantly surprised that there is still a buzz about the news within the industry and the media. Considering we fought for more than 12 years to guarantee access to service and repair information for independent repair shops, it would be a shame if the victory had just faded away in a few days.
Here’s just a tiny sampling of several dozens of comments I’ve received from our members and others:

“Thanks for saving the industry.”

“I know it would have been easier to capitulate.”

“Making a dream a reality.”

“Keeping the gloves on during the heavyweight fight.”

“Doing what some said couldn’t be done.”

I’m also pleased with the media coverage of the MOU, both in the industry trade publications and mainstream consumer and business media. Reporting in news articles, blogs and editorials has been fairly balanced.
Of course there is always some group like AAA who is eager to play Monday morning quarterback that points out that the MOU “did not go far enough.” This is a very interesting statement from an organization that sat on the sidelines for more than a decade, until the eleventh hour when the Massachusetts referendum and legislation were nearly enacted and MOU negotiations were in the final stage.

Well, believe me, the MOU did go as far as it could have, and further than many expected. And, by the way, good luck making any headway on the telematics and connected car issue — an issue in which AAIA is deeply involved – without the Massachusetts Right to Repair victory and the MOU. We are hopeful that this time around total industry collaboration will prevail on this critical issue to ensure a fair, safe and secure solution for our industry and the motoring public.



2 Responses to And the Right to Repair MOU Buzz Goes On

  1. Love your “honest to God” remarks following the R2R MOU. I’m still in the clouds about your consumer and independent auto repair victory with a capital “V!” Thank you for having the brains and the brawn to finish this discussion on the side of the independents!

  2. Thank goodness for folk like you who look after us consumers. This right to repair is a great step forward for independents and customers. Keep it up.

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