Family First

If you’ve been in the auto care industry long enough, you know that the backbone of our businesses is built on relationships. Most people within our industry refer to it as a big family, and it does feel like that.

But in all families, difficult times and unexpected critical situations can occur. It happens within our own auto care family, and more often than you may know. Fortunately, there is an organization that is dedicated to helping our own when bad things happen.

It’s the Aftermarket Foundation.

Founded in 1959, the Aftermarket Foundation assists individuals and families working in the automotive aftermarket that have fallen on hard times due to death, catastrophic illness or financial hardship. The foundation is able to provide assistance to families and individuals in need from donations.

If you know of someone in the auto care family that needs help, I urge you to contact the foundation at 772-286-5500. For more information on the foundation or to make a donation, click here or visit

Thank you.


3 Responses to Family First

  1. Joe Mittelman says:

    Kathleen:  Thanks for that pitch.  Every little bit helps.  Our two main problems are getting the money to help, and getting the news out that there is such a thing as the Foundation and that help is there when it is needed.  Best,  Joe   Joe Mittelman Vice President   AFTERMARKET FOUNDATION “When there is no place else to turn”

  2. A tremendous service for aftermarket professionals in need

  3. Al Gaspar says:

    Kathleen; As always, the right words at the right time. The Aftermarket Foundation appreciates, top executives, as yourself, within our industry to assist in getting our message out. Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to help us out. Al Gaspar

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