Post-AAPEX Syndrome Reflections

I hesitated using the term “record-breaking” when talking about this year’s successful AAPEX. Has it lost its meaning? How relevant is it? Does anyone care? Is it overused?

But, then I was reminded that it’s a pretty big flippin’ deal when an individual, team, company or organization can say they broke a record. It could be the number of home runs, passing yardage, product sales, racing speed, votes registered, corporate profits or any number of achievements.

So, folks, AAPEX did break some records and I’m proud to report them here:

  • More exhibitors and booths, meaning more products to see than ever before.
  • 2,100 one-on-one meetings for AWDA – the most ever – the equivalent of 175 work days.
  • 39 education sessions with an average 80 attendees in each – most and best so far.
  • 1,200 industry professionals at the AAIA Town Hall breakfast.

Beyond these impressive numbers, however, is what’s most important — and that is the AAPEX numbers are a direct reflection of the current business climate in our industry. While the industry grew AAPEX, I hope AAPEX helped further grow the industry. Talk about a win-win!



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