Our Perennial Town Hall Challenge

It happens every year. The minute our Town Hall breakfast at AAPEX is over, we start talking about how we will top it next year. No small challenge this year, especially considering how popular last year’s program was with Haley Barbour and Terry McAuliffe.

But, I have no doubt that this year’s Town Hall will be one of the best ever. Why? Because I guarantee that attendees will gain valuable information, perspective and insight about how future technology trends will impact their aftermarket businesses.

Janet Schijns, vice president of medium business and channels for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, is an expert, a high-energy presenter and she really does understand our industry. I have spoken with Janet and I assure everyone that her presentation will not be another speech from 30,000 feet jammed with technology jargon with little relevance or application to businesses up and down the distribution chain.

Janet will deliver a pragmatic, informative, entertaining, eye-opening view and exciting and encouraging predictions about how the independent auto care industry will do business in the very near future.

Don’t miss this one. Who doesn’t want a rare glimpse into our future?




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