It’s Tool Time: National Car Care Month

While every month is car care month for me, the official National Car Care Month (NCCM) in April is the absolute best time for the industry to rally together to reach motorists with the essential message of proper vehicle maintenance and repair. This year, the Car Care Council has made participating in NCCM and the “Be Car Care Aware” campaign as simple as opening your tool box – your ONLINE tool box, that is.

The council has a new industry-specific section of its website,, called the Industry Tool Box. Designed exclusively for aftermarket industry businesses, it provides the tools, materials, resources and how-to information needed to get started in helping educate consumers about the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance, care and repair. From handing out the popular car care guide to hosting a full-scale community vehicle check-up event (click here for all the events already scheduled around the country!), there is no shortage of ways for you to get involved in the industry’s popular consumer outreach program.

The Tool Box is organized into several tool box “drawers” labeled:

•           Get Started

•           Participate in Car Care Months

•           Host an Event

•           Promotional Materials

•           Communicate with Your Customers

•           The Car Care Guide

•           Tune up Your Website

•           Car Care Video Clips

•           Latest News

•           Resources

If you use resources from all the drawers or just one, the Industry Tool Box will provide you with all the right tools for your best-ever NCCM. Join us – and your industry colleagues – in celebrating the industry’s most important month!

toolbox screencap


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