Sequester Arrest

Living in Washington, D.C. means that you can get caught up in government issues that affect the rest of the country not a whit. Take sequestration, for example. Regardless of what nincompoop invented it, I actually thought that maybe we should avoid it by negotiating a bit. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This city can’t even get a 10 percent spending cut right. Every business person in America has cut 10 percent from their budget, project, projections, initiative and expense account. Thoughtfully considered the consequences, evaluated the nuances and then did it. Didn’t whine, try scare tactics, ignore it or suggest others get off their ^%*%$es. Every family in America has cut 10 percent from their monthly budget on occasion without a peep. And guess what, the national and local media didn’t spend countless hours examining phony consequences. Life went on. Lesson learned. I am not smart enough to have a solution for what happens on Capitol Hill, just a few short Metro stops from where I am, but I am pretty darn sure that if all the folks there were victims of any cut — of any kind — from the amount of vodka in a cocktail to a portion of their lifetime benefits, they would get things “righter” than they have.


One Response to Sequester Arrest

  1. Excellent points Kathleen! But I’m afraid it’s even worse than you characterized. We really aren’t talking about any real cuts at all, but merely slowing the rate of growth. Baseline budgeting builds in automatic annual increases for each department in the federal government, usually 6-8%. What sequestration does is reduce the rate of increase say from from 8% to 4%. But it is still an actual increase in spending from last year, not a reduction! Only in DC can they get away with calling an actual buget increase, a draconian cut. These guys are the problem that we all face.

    Your friend on the otherside of the beltway,

    Mike Brown
    Olympus Imported Auto Parts

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