Captains of Industry

The aftermarket lost two luminaries recently — John Nerlinger and Gordon Ulsh. Both of their accomplishments and outlook cast huge silhouettes on the industry, though their styles were different and exceptional.

Nerlinger ran one of AAIA’s predecessors, ASIA (Automotive Service Industry Association), with compassionate focus. He cared deeply about his adopted industry and the success of his members. While he honored tradition, he also looked down the road and previewed the events and circumstances that were quickly changing the business.

Gordon Ulsh ran some of the aftermarket’s most notable companies, had a deep industry background and energetically and enthusiastically addressed every challenge with his famous expertise and booming style. I am certain that Gordon had no idea how many people he mentored by being the very best example of success in this business.

Sharing such news on our captains of the aftermarket is sad business and all too frequent of late. This is a better industry because of both of these men.


One Response to Captains of Industry

  1. Richard Beirne says:

    Nice. Some leave larger footprints than others and these two guys definately left their mark on our industry. Many a young aftermarket person was influenced either directly or indirectly by John or Gordon in some way.

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