Talking Politics: Swearing in a New Government Affairs Website

Every few weeks, you hear from me by way of this blog, where I share with you my thoughts and insights about what’s going on in the automotive aftermarket. While I address everything from industry trends to events, travel to technology, among my most popular postings are always the ones about industry legislative issues.

So here’s good news, political pundits – purely coincidental that this is being introduced on inauguration day — AAIA has just released a new government advocacy website at, so you can be more involved than ever with the government goings-on of your association and your industry. Created and maintained by the AAIA government affairs department, this site offers enhanced ways for AAIA members to contact their legislators, contribute to the exclusive Automotive Aftermarket Political Action Committee, monitor state and federal legislation and take advantage of other important advocacy functions. There is even a weekly blog, which will be featured in the Capital Report and AAIA SmartBrief.

New features include:

AAIAgov website screencap

The new website is a robust resource of all things government-related in your industry, and offers unprecedented opportunities for AAIA members to get more involved in the legislative process. We encourage you to access the website and participate in the political process of your aftermarket and your association – every voice counts!


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