Right to Repair Victory – a Shot Heard Around the World

Our recent right to repair victory in Massachusetts was not just state news or even national news; it was global news.  This was clearly evident last week at a Right to Repair Symposium in Frankfurt, Germany, held in conjunction with Automechanika. The symposium was co-sponsored by AAIA and FIGIEFA, our counterpart in the European Union.

Automotive aftermarket industry representatives from several European countries, Australia and South Africa were eager to hear details about our experience – how we won the battle, what it means to repair shops and what are the next steps.  These representatives were also eager to share their challenges in repairing late model vehicles and the roadblocks they are encountering in obtaining information from the car makers.

I came away with a greater understanding that right to repair is a global issue and that our efforts in the U.S. has helped other countries obtain greater access to information and tools for their independent aftermarkets needed to work on their vehicles.

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2 Responses to Right to Repair Victory – a Shot Heard Around the World

  1. What about coverage under the Act for medium and heavy duty trucks?

    • kschmatz says:

      Patrick, Thanks for posting. The R2R actually covers medium trucks (10,000 1bs). As for heavy duty, it is AAIA and CVSN’s goal to develop a strategy for ensuring that the requirements in the law extend to the heavy duty industry. Thanks!

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