Pinch Me. OMG. Did Right to Repair Really Just Pass in Massachusetts?

Excuse me for gloating, but the independent automotive aftermarket just won a decade-long battle with the most powerful car companies in the world. Talk about David and Goliath.

The magnitude of what just happened is starting to sink in. At the stroke of midnight on the last day of the legislative session, the Massachusetts House and Senate voted unanimously to pass the Right to Repair bill following a last-minute agreement between the car companies, new car dealers and the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition.

Under this new law, independent repair shops will have immediate and total access to the car companies’ tools and diagnostic and repair information so consumers can get their vehicles serviced and repaired anywhere they choose.

What’s next? Work with the car companies and the new car dealers to use the Massachusetts bill as the template for a national bill.


One Response to Pinch Me. OMG. Did Right to Repair Really Just Pass in Massachusetts?

  1. I once worked with a business consultant to improve our business. I was so overwhelmed at moments. One day he brought in a very heavy small elephant and plopped it on my desk. After, I looked at him strangely he asked, How do you eat an elephant? Answer, One bite at a time.
    So, forks and knives back in hand , “Let’s keep chipping away at the elephant”.

    Thanks for all the hard work this far.

    Judy Zimmerman-Walter, co-owner
    Zimmerman’s Automotive
    Mechanicsburg, PA

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