A Dispatch From Las Vegas

OMG, what a time it was in Las Vegas.

Oh yeah, I was in Sin City this week.

Of course we all know that what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas.  Not this time—I’m spillin’ the beans.

Settle down, it’s not crazy wild, but it is touching.

I had the pleasure of joining about 80 invited guests from the Las Vegas casino, hotel and convention businesses and auto aftermarket industry and association executives in Sheldon Adelson’s 36th floor suite in the Venetian Hotel.

We were not there to party or hang with the Kardashians. We were there to pay tribute to Bill Glasgow, Sr., one of the most beloved individuals in the tradeshow management business.

At age 82, Bill decided to step down as president of W.T. Glasgow, Inc. and hand over the reins to his very capable sons.

Bill started his career at the Chicago Hilton Towers and Chicago McCormick Place, then moved on to run the Consumer Electronics Show. He became involved with our association two decades ago, managing our successful tradeshow, now called AAPEX.

It was time to say goodbye for many of the people who knew Bill and admired and respected him. Bill had more than connections in the tough, stressful, competitive and fast-paced world of Las Vegas hospitality and conventions and shows business. He understood the business and the people who ran it. He was a gentleman, a shrewd negotiator and always honest. He admired and respected the people he worked with and they admired and respected Bill. They were like family.

This was clearly evident the other night in the suite.

At the suite, one by one, executive, management and administrative level folks who knew Bill over the years stopped by to take a photo, tell a story and wish him well. A number of the guests were people who Bill helped get their jobs.

I’m sure Bill never expected to see so many of his friends and colleagues from all over the country that night and probably didn’t realize just how much folks that he touched along the way truly cared for him and would miss him.

As his friends said their good-byes and the room cleared, Bill said to me “You know it’s been a good ride.”

It sure was my friend. It sure was.


One Response to A Dispatch From Las Vegas

  1. Bob Vollgraf says:

    Bill, you have been an inspiration to so many people in our industry.Thank you for your hard work. I am very proud to call Bill Glasgow my friend. Bob Vollgraf–Golden west Marketing

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