It’s All About the Data

The first time I heard Jerry McCabe say, “It’s all about the data” was in his address to the Aftermarket eForum™ in July 2003. What, at the time, was an unconventional assertion delivered with humor, has now come to be accepted as fact. And, I’ve heard CEOs and an increasing number of marketing types use the same words with conviction in everyday conversation… like they really believe it.

In our industry, the standards that add structure and consistency to our data are called ACES and PIES. Even though they have reached a level of maturity, they continue to grow more capable and comprehensive in response to the constant evolution of our data requirements. This is a busy year with the introduction of VCdb Efficiency, the publication of the Digital Assets Best Practices and the initial release of product-specific attribute definitions in the fall. What it means is the bar keeps moving higher and the standards have to stay one step ahead.

I was really tickled to hear Ed Rammel, the president of Dayco North America, speak at GAAS and describe the “Technology Trifecta” that they observed at Dayco when they implemented the data standards. Increased sales, reduced operating capital and improved efficiency were the leading benefits of getting their internal data act together and having more sharable content to exchange with channel partners. Rammel was in the audience nine years ago when he heard “It’s all about the data.” Because they understood it and believed it, their business is enjoying the benefits today.

If you still have questions about how to best manage your data and drive business benefits, I invite you to visit the technology section of our website or contact a member of the technology department staff.

This is too good for you to miss out.


One Response to It’s All About the Data

  1. Craig Lee says:

    Thanks for this message coming from the top! People like Scott and others that have lived and breathed this for 20 years enjoy the feeling that some people are starting to get it.

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