eForum 2.0 – Be There Like Never Before

At industry events and conferences I have attended recently, I have seen graphs with lines going almost straight up to represent the explosive growth in the use of mobile devices for searching and shopping. The sale of iPads and smart phones is not limited to the Millennials. Even geezers are getting on the mobile bandwagon – which explains why sales of mobile devices are projected to exceed those of PCs this year.

So what does this mean to our members? I think it means that while you were contemplating your last investment in data management or ecommerce, the bar was raised yet again. Mobile websites, 360 product images and other web-enabled digital assets are no longer over the horizon – they are in your face and here today. They are what your customers expect to see when they search for your products.

We are lucky as an industry that our volunteer leaders have anticipated many of the needs of the digital aftermarket and created standards and best practices so you don’t have to start from scratch in creating your content. We’re also fortunate to have a venue where marketing types and IT experts can come together and learn about the latest technologies available to help your brand get found and increase sales. That venue is the aftermarket eForum, July 17-18, in Chicago. I hope to see you there… with smartphone in hand.

 Click here for the agenda and to REGISTER TODAY!


Check out the latest Issue of Aftermarket Insider with more coverage on Aftermarket e-Forum 2012.


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