Leadership Days or Daze?

Just returned from another successful Leadership Days – a four-day whirlwind of meetings and networking at the Marriott Hill Country Resort in San Antonio. About 400 members, VIPs  guests and staff attended our bi-annual gathering where the volunteer leaders – the backbone of the association – roll up their sleeves in 33 committee, board and other meetings.

With technology promoting more and more alternatives to on-site meetings, it’s reassuring to see that our core members desire to meet face-to-face and are willing to take a few days away from the office, to travel and to volunteer their time to the association. Sure, we do our fair share of webinars and e-meetings during the year, but Leadership Days has always been that special time and place where volunteers work with professional staff in person to evaluate programs, present concepts and ideas, solve problems and share their vision for the association and the aftermarket industry as a whole. We get important stuff done!

Leadership Days can be a crazy busy time for everyone, but I always hop on that plane heading home thinking how lucky I am to be working for such a great industry and more importantly for such a tireless, committed, supportive and talented group of member volunteers.


One Response to Leadership Days or Daze?

  1. Richard Beirne says:

    I was particularly pleased to see a lot of younger attendees both men and women. As usual, older folks tend to think the new generation is inexperienced and ignorant of the problems to come. I agree and that is what makes them special. The next gen will be just fine.

    Travel is a hassle these days and getting a good draw is more difficult. To see a good turnout is a good feeling.

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