Our Future Leaders Rock

I was honored to talk to 55 young people, mostly new to our aftermarket industry, who gathered at the headquarters of Federal-Mogul in Southfield, Mich. for  “Aftermarket 101”  a total immersion day-and-half session. Just to remind everyone that they were in Michigan, it actually snowed.

For the attendees, the quantity of information was like drinking from a fire hose. Presenters covered the history, structure, size, shape, scope of the aftermarket and its challenges and opportunities. Throw in a macro view of the economy and world affairs and a pep talk about the power of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship and you have a pretty intense program.

But throughout, the attendees — our future leaders — were genuinely interested, listened intently and asked intelligent questions. They put away their Blackberrys and didn’t skip out early. How impressive and refreshing!

Of note, one-half of the attendees were women. I imagine that number would have been two or three several years ago. So good to see this trend.

My faith in the future of the automotive aftermarket industry has once again been reinforced.


3 Responses to Our Future Leaders Rock

  1. Joe Mittelman says:

    Yes, in spite of the naysayers, the Aftermarket is alive and kicking.
    Due….in no small way….to your efforts and hard work.

  2. Steve Hoellein says:

    I know how you feel ! Its these opportunities we all need to take. Talking to the youth about the Automotive Aftermarket is a must for our future grouth. Thank you Kathleen for giving those 55 people a chance to look at joining our great industry. Steve Hoellein

  3. Tom Grothous says:

    The young new vibrant minds of today are very much aware of what is going on in our industry and with this as well as many more encounters with our young up and coming leaders we will make the Aftermarket even better than it already is . We need to include more young vibrant minds in our industry, after all they will be the ones who take ithe Aftermarket over long after we have retired . I am just thankful these young minds can see that the aftermarket has oh so much to offer.
    Thank you Kathleen for giving them a sounding board to let our leaders in the indusry know they are listening as well as we are listening to them.
    Tom Grothous.

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