Buzzin’ With the Catalog Crowd

The sky was a perfect blue. There was a warm and welcome breeze. The few clouds above were the perfect fluffy kind that are on the opening of The Simpsons. Tampa Bay never looked better.

So where was everybody?  Not at the pool and not walking the waterfront. They were in meeting rooms at the storied Vinoy in St. Petersburg, attending the 38th Annual National Catalog Managers Association “Knowledge Exchange.” The 300-ish attendees were exchanging all kinds of knowledge on the standards for electronic cataloging and product information. For a group that lives the “content is king” mantra every business day, the three and a half day conference was a world-class gathering of folks who categorically know bits and bytes in and out. No matter what session you attended, it was ACES-this and PIES-that. There was training, education, professional development, networking and a well-attended trade show. There were also big deal presenters such as Bob Egan of Federal-Mogul and chairman of AAIA, Jon Dehne of Advance, Ed Rammel of Dayco, Thomas Beer of IMC and many others. I was delighted to be there, just to feel the buzz.


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