The Middle East, Japan and the Aftermarket

It’s times like these that folks realize how our automotive aftermarket industry impacts the world and how the world impacts our industry. Dramatic civil unrest and monumental changes in the Middle East and the human and infrastructure devastation in Japan have the media and others asking about the impact of rising fuel prices and auto parts manufacturing damage on our industry and the motoring public.

Clearly, as we experienced in 2008 and 2009, when gas prices hit the tipping point of about $4 a gallon, consumers drive less. Fewer miles driven definitely impacts aftermarket businesses. Regarding the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, we have taken the pulse of a number of our parts import and distributor member companies and so far they have not seen any disruption or delay in auto parts deliveries from Japan.

Who could have imagined any of these historical events a month ago? A reminder about the human desire for freedom and the power of mother nature.


One Response to The Middle East, Japan and the Aftermarket

  1. Mike Willins says:

    Kathleen: I think the world is just beginning to feel the breadth of the disaster in Japan. We’ve covered it, but it’s going to take a long time for business to return to normal.

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